GSARGround Search And Rescue
GSARGeorgia Search and Rescue (coastal task force)
GSARGlobal Search and Replace (computer command)
GSARGirl Scouts of Appleseed Ridge (Ohio)
GSARGovernment Search and Rescue
GSARGeneral Services Administration Regulations
GSARGross Sick Absenteeism Rate
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However, putting the CAF troops out on the land with the Rangers so they could learn from their experience in dealing with Canada's Arctic climate definitely helped make the troops more self-reliant in a harsh and unforgiving environment as well as taught them new personal skills along with their ATV, GSAR, and RHIB training.
These outcomes indicate that the GSAR model is the appropriate model of the three for consistent and more efficient results.
The Air Force must outlay funding for GAS and GSAR commensurate with its spending on air dominance and SEAD.
Caption: BOTTOM: Members of the CAF and 1 CRPG listen to directions prior to embarking on ATVs during the GSAR training exercise.
As previously reported, the GSA issued a proposed rule to amend the GSAR to, among other things: (1) allow the GSA to change unilaterally the percentage rate of the IFF in multiple-award scheduled (MAS) contracts; and (2) combine GSAR [subsection] 552.
Published in the Federal Register (May 7, 2003), the rule indicates that content clarification may be obtained from Linda Nelson, procurement analyst, at 202/501-1900, citing GSAR Case 2002-G505 (TTY 1-800-877-8973).
Comments on the interim rule (cite GSAR Case 2002- G505) may be submitted on or before July 7, 2003, to the GSA, Regulatory Secretariat (MVA), 1800 F Street NW, Room 4035, Attn: Laurie Duarte, Washington, D.
This interim rule modifies the proposed rule to, among other things: (1) incorporate Schedule 70 information technology (IT) special item numbers (SINs) that are included in IT "corporate" schedule contracts; (2) delete from GSAR Subpart 552.
The proposed rule amends the GSAR to, among other things: (1) allow the GSA to unilaterally change the percentage rate of the IFF in multiple-award-scheduled (MAS) contracts; and (2) combine GSAR [section][section] 552.
The proposed rule would create a new GSAR subpart 538.