GSARGround Search And Rescue
GSARGeorgia Search and Rescue (coastal task force)
GSARGlobal Search and Replace (computer command)
GSARGirl Scouts of Appleseed Ridge (Ohio)
GSARGovernment Search and Rescue
GSARGeneral Services Administration Regulations
GSARGross Sick Absenteeism Rate
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In other training, they were taught how to use four wheeled all-terrain vehicles (ATVs or quads) out on the land and how to do a ground search and rescue operation (GSAR) using ATVs.
The mean results obtained by GSAF, GSAT and GSAR, GSAL are compared the mean results of basic GSA and these results are presented in Table 4 for unimodal test functions, Table 5 for multimodal functions and Table 6 for the multimodal test functions with fix dimension.
Rgya bod dbyin gsum gsar byung rgyun bkol ris 'drel ming mdzod.
Sin embargo, los grupos suplementados con sacarosa al 30% presentaron menores niveles de trigliceridos con respecto al control (GSAY y GSFAR vs control, p < 0.01 y GSAR vs control p < 0.05).
If [rho] and [lambda] are both determined to be significantly different from zero, a GSAR, which allows the possibility of both spatial dependence and spatial autocorrelation, will be most appropriate.
There are a number of areas being reviewed in the GSAR that address the interests of small and disadvantaged businesses and minority-, women- and veteran-owned firms.
The Air Force must outlay funding for GAS and GSAR commensurate with its spending on air dominance and SEAD.
On behalf of the BCSARA board and the 80 GSAR groups in the province, we would like to thank the Government of B.C.
On the morning of the 24th, a gastrointestinal infection was introduced at the shelter and there was a missing family, presumed to be out on the land, that generated a ground search and rescue operation (GSAR) involving the Canadian Armed Forces troops training on location with the 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (1 CRPG).
Il a par ailleurs precise que ces voies relient entre la localite Galb Rekham et celle de Kerchaou (5km), entre les agglomerations dans la localite de Chiaab El Milha dans la delegation d'Essammar (3km), entre la localite de Blida et le village de Gsar awled Debab dans la delegation de Tataouine Sud (4km), entre le village de Guermassa dans la delegation de Ghomrassen et celui de Chenini dans la delegation de Tataouine sud (8km) et la 5eme piste entre le village de Bir Thlathine et celui de Ras El oued a Tataouine sud (12km).
The Annals of Kokonor ('mtsho sngon gyi lo-rgyus sogs bkod-pa'i tshangs glu gsar snyan zhe bya-ba bzhugs so) by Sum-pa mKhan-po Ye-shes dPal-'byor.
GAUTHARD N., 2006, << Gsar brje: Le "nouveau-changer" tibetain de l'exil >>, Socioanthropologie, 17-18:113-127.