GSASGraduate School of Arts and Sciences
GSASGlobal Sustainability Assessment System (Gulf Organization for Research and Development)
GSASGeneral Structure Analysis System
GSASGlutamate Gamma-Semialdehyde Synthetase
GSASGraduate Students in Arts and Science
GSASGrinnell Students Against Scurvy
GSASGlobal Status Accounting System
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I believe that GSAS gave a different shape to sustainability in Qatar.
GSAS administers some USD200bn in single manager hedge fund assets on behalf of around 150 investment manager clients from all over the world.
GSAS is unique in catering for specific typologies such as sports and mosques.
As per the agreement, KPTC will now join GORD's "Global Sustainability Assessment System", known as GSAS, Nasser told KUNA.
GSAS certified projects are already emerging as the county's first evidence of green building practices, including their application to sustainable stadium design.
Due to Estidama, Dubai's Green Building Code, GSAS and LEED standards' requirements, the consultants have to make projections, at concept design, on the energy and water characteristics of the buildings to comply with the required environmental and sustainability targets," he tells Big Project ME .
On behalf of some 150 investment manager customers worldwide, GSAS administers about USD200bn in single manager hedge fund assets.
Commenting on the collaboration, Dr Alhorr said,"We are proud of our long-standing partnership with KNPC and the sustainability milestones we have achieved together in implementing GSAS and we hope to achieve similar best practices in the field of carbon neutrality through GCT.
Under the MoU, the two organisations will evaluate the possibility of developing collaboration for a number of activities including deployment of GSAS in KPTC projects, education of KPTC staff through training courses, workshops and seminars and other joint projects according to mutual agreement.
GSAS is the first performance-based system in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, developed for rating the green buildings and infrastructures.