GSBEGolden State Builders Exchanges (California)
GSBEGuy Smiley Blues Exchange (band)
GSBEGraduate School of Business and Economics (DLSU-Manila)
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Government should mobilise the NAPEP financial allocations that would have been disbursed as loans, and set up GSBEs in the trades/crafts that have been identified as very lucrative and most attractive to poor/unemployed women.
Government should consider paying the employees (participants) the current minimum monthly salary/wage of N7,500 enjoyed by their counterparts in the CGEs, and not the PAP I NAPEP proposed N3,500, since both tile CGEs and GSBEs do not involve menial jobs.
Government should appoint into the technical boards of the GSBEs, persons who undoubtedly have the moral I ethical credentials for such sensitive institutions as the Anti-Corruption Commission or Code of Conduct Bureau, in order to guarantee proper management of funds and general corporate affairs.