GSCAGiant Screen Cinema Association
GSCAGordon Setter Club of America (est. 1924)
GSCAGeological Survey of Canada (various locations)
GSCAGran Sport Club of America (Buick; Valdosta, GA)
GSCAGood Shepherd Christian Academy (Washington, NJ)
GSCAGeneralized Square Contour Algorithm
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The GSCA analysis identified ten significantly differentially coexpressed modules (DCMs), which are in accordance with the module preservation results that are significant in coexpression differences with little evidence for preservation.
Abbreviations DAVID: Database for Annotation, Visualization, and Integrated Discovery DCEA: Differential coexpression analysis DCG: Differentially coexpressed gene DCL: Differentially coexpressed link DCM: Differentially coexpressed module DEA: Differential expression analysis ECM: Extracellular matrix FDR: False discovery rate GO: Gene Ontology GSCA: Gene-set coexpression analysis TOM: Topological overlap measure WGCNA: Weighted gene coexpression network analysis.
In fact, the estimates for the coefficient of GSCA are now larger in magnitude and imply that a country is roughly 11-32 times more likely to demonstrate a partly free political regime rather than a nonfree regime following a one-tenth of a percentage point rise of the average democratic assistance as a share of GDP.
Two New York Fed officials later noted that "the establishment of the [GSCA] represented a major departure from the time-honored principle that transfers of Government securities required physical delivery to the purchaser, or his agent, of the pieces of paper representing ownership." (9) After a trial program in the second half of 1965, the GSCA was officially inaugurated in January 1966.
The GSCA initially included only Morgan Guaranty Trust Company and Irving Trust.
Top Funding Sources: GSCA is a private, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization and is supported by a combination of funding sources.
Granite State Children's Alliance (GSCA) serves as the NH Chapter of the National Children's Alliance (NCA) and is the statewide organization for New Hampshire's 11 Child Advocacy Centers (CACs).
The Global Smart Container Alliance (GSCA) combines the knowledge and information of component and system providers, together with the world's leading shipping companies, to transmit data over GSM networks and satellite communications.