GSCFMGraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (National Association of Credit Management)
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They are more involved with upper management." Companies are now more accepting of credit departments than when Smith first started in the industry, and they allow their staff to participate in credit education such as Credit Congress and GSCFM, Businesses are willing to pay for the benefits of continued education as long as employees can show it is worth sending them to events and education courses.
I do believe, however, that in-person education, such as at Credit Congress or GSCFM, will always remain the core foundation of NACM's educational opportunities," she concluded,
"It is our responsibility as a credit professional to drive and cascade continuing credit education throughout the credit and supply management industries," said George Schnupp, CCE, instructor for Financial Statements and Analysis II and alumnus of GSCFM,
After a few breaks and long hours of classes, students gather for dinner, taking in the experience of GSCFM that happens outside of the classroom.
visited with the GSCFM students, educating them on topics from negotiations to the subtleties of body language.
Closing out the GSCFM program was Janine Driver, a lively end to 10 days of intense courses.
GSCFM combines financial analysis, negotiating skills, legal issues, leadership skills and more into a well-rounded program.
Programs like GSCFM take it one step further than just obtaining the designations by also offering the chance to build professional relationships and collaborate with similar credit colleagues.
The GSCFM Student Leadership Award, given to a second-year student voted on by his or her peers, went to Charles Edwards, CCE, regional credit manager with Ferguson.
To learn more about GSCFM, visit graduate-school-gsfcm.html.
The GSCFM Student Leadership Award, given to a second-year student voted on by his or her peers, went to David Groom, national accounts manager for Allied Building Products in Woburn, MA.
"My experience at the GSCFM program has been an invaluable asset to my career," Groom said.