GSDIGlobal Spatial Data Infrastructure
GSDIGlobal Sustainable Development Infrastructure
GSDIGariep Spatial Development Initiative (South Africa)
GSDIGlobal Solution for Digital Images (software)
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Keynote presentations will include the following: "Liquid silicone rubber properties, applications and innovations," Eric Bishop, Shin-Etsu Silicones; "Troubleshooting the most common issues associated with adding color to your new LSR project," Karen Schwalbach, GSDI; "Multi-component silicone molding, employing integrated robotics for automatic parts retrieval," Marko Koellner, Arburg; "Technical development in fully automatic LSR molds and dosing systems," Ryan Cutler, Elmet North America; "Alternative methods of prototyping liquid silicone parts: Advantages, disadvantages and application of each method," Matt Bont, Albright Technologies; and "Critical aspects of quality manufacturing for LIMS," Matt Proske, Sigma Plastic Services.
But, as mentioned in section 1, it is an important requirement for the realization of NSDI as well as the GSDI. Ref.
A SDI is an information system based on geographic location to organize, discover, analyze and apply information for policy discussions and actions (GSDI Association 2003).
Talk of a Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) may be premature given the infancy of various NSDI efforts and the generally weak mandates of the international agencies that would work with a variety of international, national, and other organizations to guide its establishment.
CORRESPONDING AUTHOR: Ligia Bernardet, Earth System Research Laboratory--Global Systems Division, NOAA ESRL and University of Colorado, 325 Broadway GSDI, Boulder, CO 80305
GSDI, a subsidiary of PolyOne, has launched Silcosperse 500 dispersion to enhance the heat resistance to improve high consistency silicone rubber (HCSR) performance in specialized, high-temperature applications.
The definitions of Digital Earth (DE) and the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) are important to review here, as they highlight the similarities with other metaphors such as 'geolibrary' and 'map library'.
National policies adopted (e.g., free or for-a-fee access policies), national and supranational principles (e.g., GIDEON, INSPIRE), and declarations endorsed by global professional and academic associations in GI Science (e.g., GSDI, FIG, GEOSS, etc.) aimed at promoting the optimal use of geoinformation also advance certain values and interests.
GSDI, a subsidiary of PolyOne and a premier innovator of liquid color and additives for silicone rubber, featured its suite of specialty solutions for silicone engineered materials at Fakuma 2012 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.