GSDSGolden State Donor Services
GSDSGandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti (est. 1984; India)
GSDSGroningen Social Disabilities Schedule
GSDSGlenn Snyder Display Systems
GSDSGray Stone Day School (Misenheimer, NC)
GSDSGroningen Social Disability Scale
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(And my guess is that figure has dropped even further.) In 2013, 63.43 per cent of GSDs had at least one medical disorder, which ranks them on a similar health status to cavalier King Charles spaniels and pugs.
RAWALPINDI: The best German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) from across Pakistan gathered to compete in the biggest GSD competition in the country on Wednesday.Aptly named as the 'Landesgruppen Show Islamabad', it was a delight for the dog-loving residents of the twin cities.
As mentioned above, the approach to estimate the [K.sub.0] behavior of in situ sandy gravel can be summarized as (a) using the same preparation technique to reduce the original GSD of in situ sandy gravel to GSDs of test specimen with different [d.sub.M], (b) performing the laboratory [K.sub.0] test for those test specimens (c) using Equation (4) to fit the test data and obtain the [K.sub.0 max] and [K.sub.0 min] of test specimens, (d) using Equations (5) and (6) with [K.sub.0 max], [K.sub.0 min], and corresponding [d.sub.M] of test specimens, [K.sub.0] max and [K.sub.0] min of sandy gravel in situ are calculated, and (5) using Equation (4) with [K.sub.0 max] and [K.sub.0 min] of sandy gravel in situ, the [K.sub.0] behavior of in situ sandy gravel can be predicted.
GSDS General Sleep Escala composta por 21 itens que avalia a Distuburbance Scale (um)-- dificuldade de dormir, despertar noturno, acordar muito cedo, qualidade e quantidade de sono, fadiga e alerta no trabalho e uso de substancias para ajudar a induzir o sono no mes passado.
According to a recent study published in Canine Genetics and Epidemiology, German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) may be predisposed to arthritis and other health conditions because of the way they've been bred for decades.
According to this study German shepherds (GSD) have the most angulated pelvic limbs while the others of some breeds such as Kangal Dog (KD) have more straight pelvic limbs.
Objective: To determine the clinical pattern of presentation and biochemical characteristics of glycogen storage disease (GSD) type 1a in children at a tertiary referral centre.
the threat and disrespect often accorded to area studies such as GSDS is attached to a much more general and insidious contempt for the issues and political siding with the marginal, despite the lip service and anti-discrimination legislation that all corporations (including universities) proudly flaunt as a part of their mission statements (D'Cruz 2012: 1).
The GSDS (Guo et al., 2007), MEME (Bailey et al., 2006) and Pfam were further used to analyze gene structure, conserved motif organization, and domain architectures of maize CLO genes.
HPL PCP 3 3([D.sub.P]) GSDs 23 4([D.sub.E]), 2 ([D.sub.C1]), 3 ([D.sub.T]), 14 ([D.sub.D]) Frequency descriptors 73 73 ([D.sub.C4]) of 4-mer motifs Total 99 DPL PCP 3 3([D.sub.P]) GSDs 22 2([D.sub.E]), 2 ([D.sub.C1]), 3 ([D.sub.T]), 15 ([D.sub.D]) Frequency descriptors 49 49 ([D.sub.C4]) of 4-mer motifs Total 74 Common PCP 3 3([D.sub.P]) GSDs 15 1([D.sub.E]), 2 ([D.sub.C1]), 1 ([D.sub.T]), 11 ([D.sub.D]) Frequency descriptors 14 14 ([D.sub.C4]) of 4-mer motifs Total 32 The abbreviations [D.sub.P], [D.sub.C1], [D.sub.C4], [D.sub.E], [D.sub.D] [D.sub.T] represent the descriptors of physicochemical property (PCP) and the global sequence descriptors (GSDs) of motif, 4-mer motif, EDP, distribution, and transition, respectively.
(21) In the study by Beddoe et al (5), subjective sleep disturbance was measured with the General Sleep Disturbance Scale (GSDS), a 7-point scale that asks questions regarding the past week's poor sleep experiences.