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For more information on the awards, including a list of past winners and instructions for nominating a student, visit the GSEA website at
These numbers confirm that the Tharu have higher poverty statistics and higher illiteracy rates than national Nepali numbers (GSEA 2006).
In order to further confirm the molecular mechanism of MBD1 in CRC, expression profile data from 566 CRC cases at different stages were divided in the MBD1 high-expression group and MBD1 low-expression group and GSEA enrichment analysis was performed based on chromosome location.
We subsequently selected the common pathways for rat and human, and we retained only gene sets of sizes between 15 and 500 genes, which resulted in 419 common Reactome pathways for the GSEA analysis (see Supplemental Material, Figure S1).
Quinn credits the rapid growth of FiberFix to business savvy acquired through rounds of GSEA competition that began in his home state of Utah.
Upon further exploration through GSEA, we observed an overrepresentation of several TFBSs for transcription factors critical in development, cellular processes, immune modulation, lipid or sterol homeostasis, and gene expression near loci associated with AluYb8, as well as a few developmental and cellular proliferation pathways for LINE-1.
Similarly as the last experiment, we send our result to GSEA and list the highest genes overlap pathway map in Figure 4.
Mike Wahl, who co-founded the corporate wellness and safety company Definitions at 24 and was the 2011 GSEA Graduate Winner, had similar age-related challenges.
[8] developed a drug repositioning method by constructing a drug-drug similarity network using gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) [9] that could compute the similarity between pairs of drugs.
Other GSEA contestants, from top: Daniel Gomez, Vincent Cheung, Daniel Taylor, Catherine Cook and Linda Vydra.
Functional annotation analysis for genes significantly differentially expressed following rhPEDF stimulation and with fold difference in expression between the two sample groups [greater than or equal to] 2 was performed using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA, QIAGEN, Redwood City, CA) and Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) (Broad Institute; [23].