GSEMGrid Services Engineering and Management
GSEMGeometric Standard Error of the Mean
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(18) Given that we know the reason for the missingness of observations in this variable and had observed variables that were strong predictors of the probability of the missingness (ie, the RUCA code and state fixed effects), we used inverse probability weighting within a GLM framework to predict and replace these missing values prior to the inclusion of the opioid overdose death rate in the GSEM. (22) The average missingness per quarter-year ranged from 19 percent to 41 percent, with a mean of 26 percent across all time periods.
TABLE 2 GSEM demand and supply function results Coef.
(7.) Because of limitations in gsem, we account for the correlations between [[member of].sub.i,t], and [], and between [e.sub.i] and [u.sub.i] through the following factor specifications:
We estimate the hypothesized path using a GSEM, which allows for binary response outcomes.
Os genotipos BRS Paraguacu e Pingo-de-ouro-1 -2 apresentaram maior valor de gsem relacao aos outros genotipos, sob condicoes de deficiencia hidrica (Tabela 3) demonstrando eficiencia no controle estomatico, passivel de permitir uma alta atividade fotossintetica, o que e desejavel para genotipos mais tolerantes a seca, segundo Kramer & Boyer (1995).
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