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(3) A county within Kandze Prefecture (Tib: Dkar mdzes; Ch: Ganzi) of Sichuan Province, Serta has a number of variant renderings: Gser rta, Gser thar, Gser thang, and Gser ljongs.
* This is the first chapter of Gendun Chophel's Golden Plain: Pilgrimage to Various Holy Places in Tibet and India (rgyal khams rig pas bskor ba'i gtam rgyud gser gyi thang ma).
rdo rje 'od chags ma/ sku bdog dmar mo na bza' gtsos gsol/ /gdan khri 'bri kham yu sprul te bcigs/ byang gi gser tang yi ge 'khor 'dul ma zhes bgyi/
(48) According to Tshal pa Kun dga' rdo rje, in the winter of 1335 Karma pa III Rang byung rdo rje (1284-1339) donated the materials for, commissioned, and consecrated a "golden Bstan 'gyur" (gser gyi bstan 'gyur)--presumably a manuscript with gold lettering--at Tshal.
This view was also maintained at one time by Mkhas grub, and already had its express adherents in, for example, 'U yug pa and Chos kyi rgyal mtshan.(75) The application of the vastubalapravrttanumana and the ontological shifts inherent in the atyantaparoksa-paroksa substitution in the Pramanasiddhi chapter, in which Dharmakirti articulates these "major Buddhist doctrinal and metaphysical views," became major points of contention in the fifteenth century, and were rigorously argued against by a host of philosophers, including inter alia Gser mdog Pan chen, whose primary target was of course Rgyal tshab,(76) as well as, it appears, another contemporary of Tsong kha pa himself.
Horkhang Sonam Pelbar's four page biography of GC mentions: "GC mentions in his book (rGyal khams rig pas bskor ba'i gtam rgyud gser gyi thang ma) that when he was 32 years old, Wood Dog year of the 16th sexagenarian, corresponding to 1934 (4)." Few lines before he has stated that GC was born in 1903, the Water Hare of 15th sexagenarian.
...bka' 'gyur 'di/dpal ldan 'phagspa'i lhakhang 'khrungs ko si'i/ dge slong sbyinpa rgya mtsho gtso mdzadpa'i/dpon slob tshogs kyi lhag bsam dag pa'i mthus/ gnam bskos gser mngal khang hi gser gyi khrir/ ri rab lhun po'i lta bu brtan gyur cig/ This can be roughly rendered in English as:
For this reason, his work is among the very earliest examples of the literary genre consisting of an exegesis of a petition-cum-eulogy, which, later on, became so developed, especially among members of the Bka' brgyud pa school, and which in turn gave rise to the various gser 'phreng biographical cycles.
Sde-srid Sangs-rgyas rgya-mtsho, (completed in 1701) Thams cad mkhyen pa drug pa blo bzang Rin then tshangs dbyangs rgya mtsho'i thun mong phyi'i rnam par thar pa du ku la'i 'phro 'thud rab gsal gser gyi snye ma, Lhasa blocks.