GSFGGroup of Soviet Forces, Germany
GSFGGreat Science for Girls (US NSF)
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Military Liaison Mission (USMLM) to the Commander, Group Soviet Forces Germany (GSFG) and was subsequently chosen by the Commander-in-Chief, USAREUR, to be Chief, USMLM, in 1967.
The standards 1974 Group of Soviet Forces in Germany (GSFG) sniper refresher course included the following:
GSFG SNIPER RERESHER COURSE HOURS Observation and field craft 1 Sniper team actions in the offense and defense 6 Firing on stationary targets 6 Firing on fleeting targets 7 Firing on moving targets 7 Firing during limited visibility 6 Practical exercise 3 Selecting, preparing, and camouflaging a firing position 2 Map reading, moving along an azimuth, route and point reconnaissance 2 24-DAY SNIPER COURSE HOURS Political instruction 16 Observation and field craft 4 Sniper team actions in the offense 6 Sniper team actions in the defense 4 Firing on stationary targets 23 Firing on fleeting targets 23 Firing on moving targets 22 Firing during limited visibility 16 Firing on moving and fleeting targets 17 Selecting and preparing field positions, map reading, and NBC 30