GSFMGroupe Scout Foucauld Marly (French: Marly Scout Group Foucauld)
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A commercial DTI data processing software package (AW version 4.4, GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, WI) was used in the generation of the grayscale functional anisotropy maps (GSFM) and coded orientation maps (CCOM) images on the selected patients (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
Pairwise comparison utilization studies were performed by utilizing a structured questionnaire to assess the following visualization techniques: (a) GSFM, (b) CCOM, and (c) [V.sub.max] maps utilizing enhanced graphical representation of the principal eigenvector by means of a headless arrow without (VM) and with (VMS) stereoscopic display.
Paired sets of different DTI images for the five lesions were also provided, and arranged for direct comparison as follows: (study group 1: GSFM versus CCOM; study group 2: VM versus CcOM; and study group 3: VM versus VMS.