GSGSGood Start, Grow Smart (Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 1990)
GSGSGeographical Section General Staff
GSGSGranite State Guardianship Services (New Hampshire)
GSGSGraduate Student Grant Service (Massachusetts)
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GSGS, previously directed by Close but now under the control of Walter Coote Hedley, also mobilized the cartographers at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) in London to prepare simplified versions of the IMW European sheets (Heffernan 1996).
Inconsistencies in the use of colour between different national agencies were also noticeable, continued Hinks, not least because the original schema produced by GSGS was 'such a masterpiece of colour-printing that no-one has been really successful in copying it' (Hinks 1939, 405).
In Great Britain, GSGS published a new 1:1 million series that included sheets of hitherto unmapped areas and revisions of existing IMW sheets.
Army Map Service (AMS) in co-operation with GSGS in London, an Anglo-American endeavour that continued after 1945 as map series AMS 1301/GSGS 4646 and finally as a solo American project as map series AMS 1301.
That's why Grand Slam Garage Sales (GSGS) has created a master plan to help customers "clean up" and make a profit off of their unwanted items.
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The "Good Start, Grow Smart" ("GSGS") Initiative was introduced by the Bush Administration in April 2002 as the next step in education reform.