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GSHGlutathione Peroxidase
GSHGerman Short Hair Pointer (dog breed)
GSHGil Scott-Heron (poet and musician)
GSHGood Samaritan Hospital
GSHGiga Samples per Hour
GSHGrid Service Handle
GSHGoogle Search History
GSHGreen Street Hooligans (movie)
GSHGood Shepherd Hospice
GSHGood Sense of Humour
GSHGunstar Super Heroes (gaming)
GSHGoshen, Indiana (Airport Code)
GSHGeorge S. Halas (Chicago Bears head coach)
GSHGuided Self Healing (alternative therapy)
GSHGreat Sand Hills (Canada)
GSHGas Surge Header
GSHGreedy Style Heuristic
GSHGrand Slam Home Run (baseball)
GSHGame Server Hosting (website)
GSHGrowth-Stimulating Hormone
GSHGlobal Stainless Hardware, Inc (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
GSHGamer's High (video game website)
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In another study, it was found a reduction in GSH levels an increase in myeloperoxidase activity, as an indicator of inflammatory response, and apparent increase in MDA levels in blood, liver, kidney and small intestine tissues of rats administered intraperitoneal 20 mg/kg single dose of MTX (Jahovic et al., 2004).
Hepatic GSH content was assessed to study the toxic effects of PZA on hepatic GSH reservoirs.
A previous study demonstrated that the fluorescence of GSH-capped gold nanoparticles was quenched by [Cu.sup.2+] due to the complexation between [Cu.sup.2+] and GSH [17].
The mixture was stirred for 15 min at room temperature, followed by addition of 50 mg of GSH or 22 mg of NAC, both GSH and NAC were dissolved in 500 [micro]L of saturated sodium bicarbonate solution.
designed a new-style dualemission ratiometric fluorescent probe (CdSe@Si[O.sub.2]@CdTe) for visual assay of GSH in real vegetable and fruit samples, which has the advantages of an excellent linear concentration range from 1.0 x [10.sup.-7] to 1.0 x [10.sup.-5] M with a low detection limit of 4.2 x [10.sup.-8] M [6].
En forma similar, en la concentracion del GSH se aprecio un aumento estadisticamente significativo (p<0,05) en el grupo de vacas con MS, en relacion al grupo control (Figura 2, derecha).
- Reduced GSH measurements were carried out using a GSH kit (Immuchrom GmbH, Hessen, Germany) with HPLC.
A total of 45 male rats were evenly distributed between five groups, with nine rats per group: (1) sham group, (2) CPIP group, (3) CPIP + GSH 100 mg/kg group, (4) CPIP + GSH 200 mg/kg group, and (5) CPIP + GSH 500 mg/kg group.