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Glutathione synthetase (gshB) gene analog of Synechocystis PCC 6803 was sequenced in Synechocystis AHZ-HB-MK" and Synechocystis AHZ-HB-P2A".
Almost in all cyanobacterial strains a polypeptide of 35 KDa was found, which may be the product of gshB gene responsible for the synthesis of glutathione synthetase.
The failure of gene fragment amplification in cyanobacterial stains analogue to glutathione synthetase (gshB), except Synechocystis AHZ- HB-MK" and Synechocystis AHZ-HB-P2A" strains, may have one explanation that the primers designed for glutathione synthetase gene probably was not form conserved region of this gene, in other cyanobacteria (Jeff Elhai, personal communication), so Synechocystis strains gave amplification, while other cyanobacterial strains did not give amplification for it.