GSHPGround Source Heat Pump
GSHPGeorgia Society of Health-System Pharmacists
GSHPGerman Short-Haired Pointer (dog)
GSHPGraduate School for Health Practice (Australia)
GSHPGujarat State Highway Project (India)
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Using a GSHP, farmers benefit from lower energy bills of between 30-70 per cent versus using a traditional gas or electric boiler system.
The main heating/cooling source is a ground source heat pump (GSHP) that can operate in active heating mode (55 kW, 187,667.8 Btu/hr), and in active cooling mode (65 kW, 221,790 Btu/hr).
Mr Brown said: "GSHP technology is an innovative form of energy efficiency and should be considered by Government as a sustainable energy source that will help to reduce its carbon emissions significantly.
Since the operation of the URs and GSHP involves complex, transient, three-dimensional (3D) transport phenomena and extreme geometrical aspect ratios, 3D numerical models of URs and GHEs were independently developed and validated.
(2008) studied the thermal performance and ground temperature of vertical pile-foundation heat exchangers and aimed at providing guidelines for improving the design of large-scale ground-coupled heat pumps in a district heating and cooling system [1]; Moon and Choi (2015) studied the heating performance characteristics of a GSHP system with energy piles and energy slabs [2]; Faizal et al.
The Bullitt Center employs GSHP systems as one of its strategies to achieve net-zero energy.
According to EurOBserv'ER (2011), the countries of Northern Europe have experienced significant growth: Sweden 31954 GSHPs installed in 2010 and Finland 8091 GSHPs.
In the community centre, the heat was produced by a GSHP, which itself consumes over a third of the total energy.
At Oklahoma State University the Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) based hydronic bridge snow melting system named Smart Bridge was built.
Since its inception in 2000 the local firm has pioneered the use of GSHP, extolling the economic and environmental benefits of extracting heat stored naturally underground.