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The GSICS model of building a robust intercomparison network of all sensors in space by the SNO technique is highly recommended as a means to bridge the data gaps.
This report was generated at the request of the executive panel of the Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System (GSICS).
He is also NASA's representative on the executive panel of the Global Space-based Intercalibration Satellite System (GSICS).
Additionally, the community should support the activities of GSICS and encourage wider participation in GSICS across the world.
* Non-US or other satellite assets--The community should leverage its involvement in GSICS to acquire data from non-US or other satellite assets in the event of the failure of a particular satellite or sensor.
In the case of polar-orbiting satellites, instrument data can be compared from one instrument to the next by spatiotemporal matching (collocation) or using the simultaneous nadir overpass (SNO) technique as used by GSICS. As demonstrated for the High Resolution Infrared Radiometer (HIRS; Chen et al.
GPM data will help advance the objectives of a host of international scientific programs and activities that include GEWEX established under WCRP, to understand the global hydrological cycle and energy fluxes through observations and modeling, IGWCO directed by IGOS partners to inform the United Nations about the global environment and guide policymaking, GSICS initiated by WMO and CGMS to improve accuracy and consistency of space-based observations, and IPWG to improve spaceborne precipitation measurements and their utilization in research and applications.