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GSIDGlobal Server Id
GSIDGlobal Solutions for Infectious Diseases (San Francisco, CA)
GSIDGraduate School of International Development
GSIDGramercy Stuyvesant Independent Democrats
GSIDGround-Emplaced Seismic Intrusion Detector
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Historical data (2009-2015) on the amount of motor vehicles and population in Beijing are presented in Table 9, wherein the conformance of their respective GSID was tested.
gsiA, gsiC, and gsiD genes were cloned into pET11alink-NGFP.
To determine the interaction of GsiA with other proteins of glutathione import system, gsiA, gsiC, and gsiD in pET11a-link-NGFP and gsiA, gsiB, gsiC, and gsiD in pMRBAD-link-CGFP were pairwise simultaneously transformed into BL21(DE3).
To evaluate individual psychosocial competence in larger samples, the GSID has developed the "Relationship Questionnaire" (Rel-Q; Schultz & Selman, 2000; Schultz, Selman, & Adalbjarnardottir, 1996).
The GSID has hypothesized that the construct of personal meaning functions as the link between thought and real-life action; it represents the individual's motives, aspirations, values, attitudes, and beliefs about engaging in risky behavior (Selman & Adalbjarnardottir, 2000).
The GSID Relationship Questionnaire (Rel-Q) measures psychosocial maturity (PS-Maturity) for children in grades 4 to 12 (Schultz & Selman, 2000).
The inquiry is being carried out by the Department's Grants Subsidy and Inspection Division (GSID).