GSIGNGroupement de Sécurité et d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (French military group)
GSIGNIntervention Security Group of the Gendarmerie Nationale (military police force; France)
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GSign. This probabilistic signing algorithm (for a user [U.sub.i]) takes as input gpk, [usk.sub.i], a signed message M, and a revocation-dependent value (in the period t) [T.sub.t] and returns a group signature [sigma].
In our scheme, no public values have size dependent on r and no costs of the GSign algorithm (or the Verify algorithm) depend on r or N.
The French authorities are looking to the crack anti-terrorist group GSIGN (Groupement de Securite et d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) to prevent incidents such as the one which saw Paul Ince punched outside Wembley after the 3-0 victory over Portugal on Wednesday.