GSIIGovernment Services Information Infrastructure
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As with the GSII Methodology, this work remains ongoing but we are pleased with the collaborative spirit of our U.S.
One topic on which stakeholder comments has been especially helpful is the Methodology by which the IAIS identifies those insurers that are globally systemically important, or GSIIs. We are revising the methodology to identify those insurers that, upon material distress or failure could disrupt the global financial system.
FSB Chairman Mark Carney has said that some insurers may not have to find extra capital as they will already hold enough to meet their GSII requirement.
The IAIS will develop by the end of 2014 a basic "backstop" capital requirement for insurers deemed to be globally systemically important insurers (GSIIs).
The lectins used for fertilization trials were PNA, Con A, or GSII at a final concentration of 30 [micro]g/mL.
Conversely, WGA, Con A, GSII, and PNA did not label the sperm cell body, the flagellum, or mitochondria.
After incorporation into the egg cytoplasm, the GSII labeling remained on the surface of the egg (Fig.
We also observed that when nonfertilizing sperm detached from the egg surface, they took their associated GSII basal ring (Fig.
4.3.2 Communication and communication technologies: During the first two weeks of the semester, team members attempted to get familiar with one another by posting personal information (e.g., educational background, work experience, hobbies, contact information, etc) on GSII. However, due to slow response times when using GSII from home and also due to its limited functionality, students switched to Yahoo!
I can use computer-mediated communication 1 2 3 technologies (e.g., email, WebCT, GSII, IM, video conferencing, Yahoo Groups, etc.) appropriately and effectively.
Rationalization of the differences can be made in that the SII includes a growth rate factor that is not apparent in the GSII, which puts a stronger emphasis on established innovation measurement factors.
The relative position of these countries [to EU countries] should thus be interpreted with care." The GSII comparisons are also based on a limited set of 12 indicators rather than the set of 26 indicators of the EIS.