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GSK3AGlycogen Synthase Kinase 3 Alpha
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Unlike other serine/threonine kinases, GSK3 is constitutively active, and phosphorylation of GSK3a at Ser21 and GSK3[beta] at Ser9 inhibits GSK3 kinase activity [22].
There were also differences between the groups regarding the transcripts of genes related to embryonic development and cell proliferation, with higher levels in the 5% [O.sub.2] group of transcripts of CDX2, HSF1, KEAP1, OTX2, EGFR, and GSK3A, the last two directly related to cell proliferation stimulus.
GSK3A, as a multifunctional Ser/Thr protein kinase, has been reported to contribute to glycogen synthesis and transcriptional regulation [88, 89].