GSMKGaußsche-Minimum-Shift-Keying-Modulation (German)
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Nadahl Shocair, CEO of Snom Technology, welcomes the intensified collaboration between Snom and GSMK CryptoPhone: A more intense collaboration between our development teams allows us to offer IP telephones to our security-conscious users that are suitable for everyday use.
Bjorn Rupp, CEO of GSMK, commenting on his company's partnership with Snom, says: Collaborating with Snom over the past few years has given us the opportunity to progressively evolve this partnership of two leading players in the field.
GSMK's CryptoPhone 500 , a high-end phone that costs more than $3,000 and combines a Samsung Galaxy S3 handset with the CryptoPhone operating system, offers strong end-to-end encryption along with a specially hardened Android operating system that offers more security than other Android phones and the patented baseband firewall that can alert customers when a rogue tower has connected to their phone or turned off the mobile network's standard encryption.
But GSMK's CryptoPhone firewall aims to combat this by monitoring all connections to the phone's baseband.
Cryptophones Offer Secure Calls Blackphone $629 Disables Wi-Fi tracking GSMK $3,500 Secure Samsung CryptoPhone Galaxy S3 HOOX m2 $2,740 Biometric identification In $1,659 Unlimited Confidence Internet calls Secusmart $3,436 Encrypted BlackBerry ZIO
GSMK has seen the adoption rate of encrypted handsets among management increase dramatically in the last 12 months.
For those with a few thousand dollars to spare, secure phones are available from suppliers such as GSMK CryptoPhone or Cellcrypt and are used by top government officials, senior executives and celebrities.
Data security company Utimaco Safeware AG has introduced a PDA and smart phone security solution in collaboration with mobile voice security company GSMK (Gesellschaft fur Sichere Mobile Kommunikation mbH).