GSNSGrayson Space Navy Ship (Honor Harrington Science Fiction novels)
GSNSGesellschaft für System und Netzwerk Service MBH (Germany)
GSNSGround Safety Notification System (US Army)
GSNSGraduate School, Natural Sciences (International Christian University; Tokyo, Japan)
GSNSGothic Society of Nova Scotia (Canada)
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The results of dissections showed that 92.9 % of the left GSN and 86.2 % of the right GSN were close to the medial crus of diaphragm while 93.3 % of the left LSN and 87.0 % of the right LSN were close to the medial crus of diaphragm when the splanchnic nerves passed through the diaphragm.
The number, length and diameter of GSN in the abdominal cavity.
The analysis of the measuring results shows that the length of the left GSN was (14.03 [+ or -] 7.11) mm, and the right was (20.03 [+ or -] 9.83) mm.
Besides, the diameter of the left GSN in the abdominal cavity was (1.90 [+ or -] 1.50) mm, and the right was (2.29 [+ or -] 0.86) mm.
A geosensor network (GSN) is defined as spatially distributed sensor nodes connected together to detect, monitor, and track environmental phenomena and processes [3].
The proposed architecture is divided into two main layers: one encapsulates the software and hardware resources in a GSN (resource layer) and the other are the services offered by a sensor web (service layer).
The Task Force's report also stated that there might even be "overlays on certain frequencies possible using different waveforms and code structures not interfering (si gnificantly) with each other." Indeed, the stated goal of the Galileo program is to create a GSNS that is independent of, but compatible with GPS.