GSOGGlobal Spec Ops Group (gaming site)
GSOGGraduate School of Governance (Maastricht University; Netherlands)
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So, coarse aggregates in the GSOG gradation should squeeze each other to form a stable skeleton to withstand the external load and maintain the stability of the material structure and enhance its high-temperature stability and deformation resistance [28, 29].
(14) sems can gyi srog gcod pa mthong zhing thos pa'am/ khyi rab sogs kyi byed spoyodyid la dran pa tsam nas rangyang shin ti sdug bsngal zhing/ sems can di dag sdug bsngal di las da lta nyid du thar na snyam pa dang/ 'di thams cad kyi srog bskyab pa'i gnyer khang la yod na snyam pa dang/ sems can gsod pa'i nam zla shar ba tsam nas rnams pa kun tu gnas skabs 'di na mi bzad pa'i las 'di lta bu zhigyod 'ong snyam nas snying rje'i blo bcos min du skye ba 'di da lta'i bar du yod pas tshad med bzhi'i blo sbyong gi tshig tsam 'bum ther gsog pa bo las bcos min gyi snying rje shugs drag skye ba 'di don gyi chod che bar 'gyur grang snyams pa 'di bdag gi rnam thar bzang shos yin/
Sankaty Advisors LLC said it had entered into a definitive agreement to buy the USD1.3bn (EUR967m) debt portfolio of Global Special Opportunities Group (GSOG), a unit of JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM).