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At the end of the audit, four copies of the approved inventory would be made and sent to four different locations: one copy to the palace (gclg nl pho brang du gsol), one copy deposited with the abbot of the monastery (gclg nI gzhi 'dzIn gyi 'dun sar bzhag), one copy deposited in the Province of the Bde khams, as the original copy (gcIg nI khams kyI bla dper bzhag), and one copy given to various officials as a secondary copy (gcIg nI dpon sna' 'og dper stsal to).
The plan was submitted by GSOL of Switzerland, that is, its Macedonia-based office, Euronickel.
24 July 2017 - US-based, China-focused business-to-business media company Global Sources Ltd.'s (NASDAQ: GSOL) shareholders have approved acquisition of the company by funds affiliated with US-based investment firm Blackstone (NYSE: BX), the company said on Monday.
pus mo gnyis sa la btsugs nas rab tu byung bar gsol to.
Harrison 1992: 297-98: [1511] de nas bcom /clan 'das kyis byang chub sems dpa' byams pa dung I byang chub sems dpa' lha'i cod pan la bka' stsal pa I skyes bit dam pa dag ngas bskal mtha' yas grangs med par yang dag par bsgrubs pa 'i byang chub 'di ci nas yun ring du gnus par 'gyur ba dung I nub par .mi 'gyur bar bya ha 'i phyir khyed gnyis kyi lag du bzhag go grad do II de ngyis kyis gsol pa / bcom ldan 'das bdag cag gnyis kyis bcom ldan 'das .yongs su mya ngan las 'das pa 'i skid na chos kyi rnam grangs 'di gsung bar bgyro // rgyas par bgyi'a // chos kyi rnam grangs 'di chas smra ba dang dge ba 'i rtsa ba bskrun pa 'i rigs kyi bit 'am / rigs kyi bu mo de dag kyi lag tu mchi bar bgyro //
Aberdeen, Hong Kong S.A.R., May 11, 2013 --( To facilitate volume buyers with a new complementary supplier base to China furniture sourcing, the non-profit Hinrich Foundation has released the Myanmar Sourcing Report: Furniture with the support of its partner in development, Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL).
Khunu rin poche'i rnam thar gsol 'deps dad pa'i 'jug ngogs shes bya ba bshugs so.
Summary: Global Sources (Nasdaq: GSOL) today opened its China Sourcing Fairs in Dubai, the largest Greater China-products exhibitions in the Middle East.
If in the next several weeks, the board of creditors adopts the reorganization plan, GSOL, the Swiss investor, will gain ownership of the factory.
spyi nor gong sa skyabs mgon chen po mchog gis phyi lo 1991 nas 1996 bar bod mi mang spyi 'thus lhan tshogs su bca' khrims kyi zin bris gsol ras stsal skabs dang/ gros tshogs kyi tshogs dus/ tshogs gtso sbrel po'i dam 'bul mdzad sgo bcas kyi skabs su bstsal ba'i gal che'i bka' slob phyogs bsdus/.