GSORTSGlobal Status of Resources and Training System
GSORTSGCCS Status of Operational Readiness and Training Systems
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* The purpose of addressing GSORTS, DRRS, and the Joint Force Readiness Review is to highlight the complexities involved in assessing and reporting personnel readiness at the strategic level and the importance of using relevant metrics at the input level.
ESORTS begins with the same basic information that underlies GSORTS. However, it more explicitly uses and disseminates detailed measures of the quality and quantity of resources such as personnel, training, ordnance, major weapons systems, and supplies.
The logistics databases within DOD use neither GSORTS abbreviated names nor GSORTS long names to identify units.
The JOPES uses data from the Type Unit Characteristics File (TUCHA) for equipment in a unit and data from the Global Status of Resources and Training System (GSORTS) for unit readiness.
There are four databases that are essential to managing the movement process within lOPES: the Global Status of Resources and Training System (GSORTS), the Geographic Location (GEOLOC) file, the Type Unit Characteristics (TUCHA) file, and the Type Unit Equipment Detail (TUDET) file.