GSPHGraduate School of Public Health (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania, USA)
GSPHGeneral Store Publishing House (Burnstown, Ontario, Canada)
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The purpose here is to present a case study of how the creation and development of the GSPH at SDSU paralleled, or perhaps even led, the evolution of the university into a more prominent research institution, facilitated by a separate research management organization, a shift consistent with the promotion of the research role of major universities (Kirwan, 2010).
The author is a cofounder of the GSPH and the principal founder of the healthcare management program.
The GSPH is a unit of the CHHS which was created in 1978 to consolidate health related programs.
The origins of the GSPH trace back to the late 1970s when the university retained John J.
The GSPH began faculty and administrative staffing recruitment in 1979, first hiring a school director followed by division heads for programs in health services administration, maternal and child health, occupational and environmental health, and epidemiology and biostatistics.
Support and pressure from the university president and the graduate dean, and from sympathetic faculty, eventually led to GSPH approval and acceptance on campus.
As things turned out, the new "older" people were productive as measured by extramural funding (SDSURF, 2014) and publications (GSPH, 1984).
The GSPH began in a very small building at the edge of campus and has since grown into larger space in some of the oldest and most historic buildings on campus, totaling around 10,000 square feet.
Conceptualization of the GSPH recognized the key role of research and doctoral education in a primarily graduate entity.
Table 1 presents contract revenue from 1987 through 2013, all of which has been channeled through the SDSURF, for SDSU, the CHHS, and the GSPH.
Gilberto Ramos-Valencia, DrPH, is Chair of the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the GSPH, UPR-MSC.
Perez, PhD, is Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and a researcher at the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology of the GSPH, UPR-MSC.