GSPIDGain-Scheduled Proportional Integro-Differential
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To improve the stability and the performance a delay dependent controller (GSPID) is proposed.
ITAE (Integral Time Absolute Error), MO (Maximum Overshoot, and MU (Maximum Undershoot) values are reduced in the GSPID controller than the PID controller.
Table 1: Item Network Parameter Value 1 Type of Network Ethernet CSMA/CD 2 Data rate 10Mbps 3 Pocket Size 72Kbps 4 Number of Nodes 3 5 Execution time 5ms Table 2: Criteria/controller PID GSPID ITAE 4.639x[10.sup.3] 1.325x[10.sup.3] MO 4.226 1.0781 MU -5.537 -1.0369