GSPSGiga Samples per Second
GSPSGiga-Samples Per Second
GSPSGrayscale Softcopy Presentation State (medical digital imaging)
GSPSGlobal Strike and Product Support (software)
GSPSGoon Show Preservation Society (BBC 1950s radio show fans)
GSPSGlobal Software Piracy Study (BSA)
GSPSGenetic Sample Processing System (automated robotic forensic DNA sample processing system)
GSPSGenerating Station Protection System
GSPSGlen Shield Public School (Canada)
GSPSGilles Street Primary School (Adelaide, South Australia)
GSPSGlobal Sterling Payment Systems Ltd. (Canada and UK)
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Other data collected include population, gross state product (GSP), and population per square kilometer for each of the 32 political jurisdictions that jointly comprise the sample.
The three surveys--the GYTS, GSPS, and GHPS--form the core of the GTSS developed to date by WHO, CDC, and CPHA.
GSPs represent the newest paradigm in reform of public management--the most prominent of which was the "reinventing government" model proposed by Osbourne and Gaebler (1992).
"It is working really well," according to GSPS youth liaison officer Cst.
Additionally, the postulation that alternative visions like "absolute reformism," "socialization of global politics," and "progressive internationalization" somehow would rectify the deficiencies of neo-liberalism and encourage the development of GSPs is debatable.
The legislative 'planning model' (based on preparation of a 'general', and later, on 'individual' service plan as the gateway to services and guarantor of provision: 'GSP' and 'ISP's) was found to have been diluted or side-lined by the adoption by the State Department of Human Services of a (somewhat ill-fated) 'point in time' system of casemanagement as its major administrative modality.
But for some given texts to belong to one specific genre, their structure should be some possible realisation of a given GSP Generic Structure Potential ...
They went so far as to propose the establishment of a new organization more closely attuned to their special needs, and, in response, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) began operations in 1964.(23) Lobbying on behalf of the GSP scheme was high on the UNCTAD agenda and indeed the GATT played only a "limited role in the negotiations and implementation of the GSP."(24) The EEC adopted the GSP in 1971 and the United States in 1976.(25) In 1979, as part of the Tokyo Round trade negotiations, "a so-called Enabling Clause was included in the Framework Agreements ...
Companies are obtaining new forms of financial and business value by partnering with GSPs that go significantly beyond the cost savings achieved by the first wave of outsourcing.
These states export heavily to Canada and Mexico, most have small populations, and export industries account for a sizable portion of their gross state products (GSPs).
SGMA requires communities — through newly established groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) — to bring their groundwater basins into balance by 2040 through implementation of groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs).