GSQGlobal Supplier Quality
GSQGeneral Satisfaction Questionnaire
GSQGenealogical Society of Queensland (Australia)
GSQGod Save the Queen
GSQGlasgow String Quartet (Scotland, UK; est. 2001)
GSQGarden State Quilters (New Jersey)
GSQGlobal Separation Quotient
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Thus, even though Gear Shift Quality is a subjective matter, it can be measured in quantitative terms with the help of GSQ parameters, which consists of some static and dynamic parameters like gate definition/precision, selection/shift effort, selection/shift travel, GSL free play, synchronization integral, double bump integral etc.
The target customer demand of good gearshift feel can be satisfied by achieving consistency in the above-mentioned GSQ parameters.
Though many factors are affecting GSQ it is important to see their intensity or contribution in GSQ parameters, synchronizers influences dynamics parameters whereas static GSQ parameters are mainly influenced by shift system peripherals [1,2,5_,7,8,9].
Gear Shift Quality (GSQ) is defined in terms of GSQ parameters and these parameters are controlled in certain limits.
GSQ = [FQ.sub.Obstacle] + [FQ.sub.initial] + [], (9)
The GSQ is only defined for the adaptation scenario as it is the total time taken for adaptation and the rebuilding of the initial formation.
For younger (ages 20-39) and older (age 40 or older) nurses, global sleep quality score (GSQS) was poorer in younger nurses on day or non-day shifts.