GSRDGender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversity (awareness)
GSRDGranite State Roller Derby (New Hampshire)
GSRDGender, Sexual and Romantic Diversity
GSRDG-Star Raw Denim
GSRDGross Solids Removal Devices (water quality treatment device)
GSRDGigabit System Reference Design (Xilinx Inc.)
GSRDGround Support Requirements Document
GSRDGeneral Safety Requirements Document
GSRDGavage Syringe Restraining Device (infant feeding apparatus)
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To investigate the effect of GSRd on apoptosis after MCAO, the cleaved caspase-3 was measured by Western blotting analysis [Figure 2]a and [Figure 2]b.
Using RAMF, the mtDNA and nDNA damages were evaluated and quantitated by RT-PCR in the MCAO and MCAO + GSRd groups [Figure 3].
To evaluate the effect of GSRd administration on the expression of NEIL s, both messenger RNA (mRNA) and protein levels of NEIL were measured in rat ipsilateral cortices and hippocampi at 3 days and 7 days after MCAO [Figure 5].
The previous studies showed that GSRd had a neuroprotective function in ischemic stroke.[sup][10],[11] In the present study, we investigated the effects of GSRd on the expression of DNA glycosylase NEILs in a rat MCAO model.
Our previous work has revealed that GSRd is a neuroprotective agent through ameliorating oxidative stress after ischemic stroke.[sup][14],[15] Similar results were observed in another study wherein oxidative stress was suppressed by GSRd pretreatment in the dopamine-induced apoptosis PC12 cell model.[sup][16] In seeking to further explore the neuroprotective mechanism of GSRd after ischemic stroke, we found that GSRd upregulated the expression of NEIL1 in the cortex at 3 days after MCAO and NEIL3 in the hippocampus at 7 days after MCAO in a rat model.
Neural stem/progenitor cells from aged NEIL3 gene knockout mice showed impaired proliferative capacity and reduced DNA repair activity, indicating that NEIL3 was critical in maintaining hippocampal neurogenesis.[sup][20],[21] Our previous studies found that GSRd promoted neurogenesis in vitro and in vivo [sup][22] and also showed the ability to maintain neural stem cell proliferation in a lead exposure rat model.[sup][23] In this study, we found that GSRd-induced NEIL3 expression in the hippocampus could be one of the mechanisms contributing to neurogenesis promotion, leading to the improvement of survival rates and neurological scores in GSRd-treated MCAO rats.