GSRMAGolden State Risk Management Authority
GSRMAGreat Southern Region Marketing Association (est. 2001; Australia)
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The sophisticated online claims diary helps adjusters prioritize tasks, ultimately helping GSRMA to achieve resource optimization.
GSRMA now scans pertinent documents (such as a doctor's letter, an incident report or written complaint) and attaches them to the claim file for all stakeholders to access and review.
GSRMA also improved communication and collaboration by providing its key external partners with direct access to the claims system.
In medical bill review, GSRMA was drowning in paper and troubled by a complex data exchange with its previous bill review vendor.
This consolidation has afforded GSRMA additional opportunities to streamline workflow, increase efficiencies and has saved 60% in medical bill costs.
Next year, some states will require providers to transmit bills electronically, and GSRMA is working to accommodate these e-bills.
For instance, if a department has a high number of back-related claims, the safety officer may recommend the department take online training or the officer design and submit a loss prevention program for potential reimbursement through GSRMA's Loss Prevention Subsidy Fund.
Recognizing its member agencies are under tremendous pressure to reduce their losses, GSRMA designed several programs to help address high-risk, high-loss areas.
To minimize the administrative aspects of the program and to free up the safety officer to provide more personalized services, GSRMA turned to an ASP vendor to implement and maintain an Internet-based community for member loss prevention efforts.
As the name suggests, the site is designed to build strong links between GSRMA and its member agencies, as well as between members and their respective employees, trustees and volunteers.
GSRMA achieved an effective outsourcing strategy by breaking down its operations into component parts, and considering whether each element would be more effectively handled internally or through an outsourced partnership.