GSSRGeorgian Soviet Socialist Republic
GSSRGoldstone Solar System Radar (US NASA)
GSSRGraduate School for Social Research (Polish Academy of Sciences; Warsaw, Poland)
GSSRGeneral Society, Sons of the Revolution
GSSRGerman Signal Search Ring (radio)
GSSRGlobal Software Solutions & Resources (Herndon, VA)
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According to previous reports, gSSR markers produce polymorphisms based on the difference in the number of DNA repeat units in regions of the genome and derive from genomic DNA libraries at a high price, while EST-SSRs detect variations in the expressed portion of the genome and can be mined from the EST databases at low price [20, 49, 50].
From the above discussion, identifying useful gSSRs is significant, but in sugarcane, this can be a lengthy and difficult process due to their complexity and their abundance within the sugarcane genome [20, 50, 54].
The 2019 Great Southland Stampede Rodeo (GSSR) will be held March 28-30 at the UGA Livestock Instructional Arena.
One of my favorite parts of the rodeo is its outreach, said Eryn Elliott, GSSRs student liaison and an agricultural education major.
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