GSTEGeneralized Symbolic Trajectory Evaluation (computer science)
GSTEGround Support and Test Equipment
GSTEGuidance System Test Equipment
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After 5 hours of synthesis of PtNPs and PdNPs using GSTE, the resulting mixture was centrifuged at 10,000 rpm for 15 minutes.
GSTE served as source of the phytomolecules which could efficiently synthesize and stabilize PtNPs and PdNPs that were further studied for anticancer activity.
In the magnified overview of the image, the particles were seen to be embedded in a biological matrix may be derived from the GSTE which can play a critical role in the stabilization process.
FTIR spectral analysis showed various functional groups in GSTE before bioreduction and their alteration after synthesis of PtNPs and PdNPs (Figure 6).
In this paper, we focus on the need for alleviating state explosion and present a new algorithm for TMC based on GSTE. In Section 2, we introduce the basic definitions in GSTE.
We introduce some basic definitions in GSTE [3, 8].
Based on Definition 6, GSTE has four kinds of acceptance [19].
In GSTE, the set of states in model M is finite ([absolute value of S] is finite), but each state has its successor states so that traces in the model can be extended to infinite length.
We present a theory on the complement relation between GSTE assertion graphs and finite-state automata and an algorithm which automatically transforms assertion graphs to their equivalent finite-state automata, and vice versa.
We apply the proposed theory and algorithm to the GSTE assertion graphs implication problem by transforming this problem to the automata language containment problem.
In Section 2, we introduce the preliminaries of finite-state automata and GSTE assertion graphs.
In this section, we give the definitions of finite-state automata and GSTE assertion graphs and of their finite and infinite languages.