GSTKGod Save the King
GSTKGood Stuff to Know (Internet slang)
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As shown in Figure 2, all GSTs fall into three main branches that are comprised of eleven sub-branches, with GSTK solely in a clade, MAPEGs in a clade, and GSTO, GSTZ, GSTR, GSTA, GSTP, GSTM and GSTT in a clade, respectively.
The GSTK members, which cluster in the most ancient branch in the phylogenetic tree, are distinct from other GSTs in sequence similarity and protein structure and shows similarity to prokaryotic 2-hydroxychromene-2-carboxylate isomerases (Robinson et al.
To better understand the complexity, we selected GSTK subfamily as the typical instance.
As shown in Figure 3, four GSTK genes are located into two distinct scaffolds of common carp genome, which suggested that GSTKa/GSTKb and GSTKc/GSTKd may have been derived from the latest round of WGD.