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GSTKGod Save the King
GSTKGood Stuff to Know (Internet slang)
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As shown in Figure 2, all GSTs fall into three main branches that are comprised of eleven sub-branches, with GSTK solely in a clade, MAPEGs in a clade, and GSTO, GSTZ, GSTR, GSTA, GSTP, GSTM and GSTT in a clade, respectively.
The GSTK members, which cluster in the most ancient branch in the phylogenetic tree, are distinct from other GSTs in sequence similarity and protein structure and shows similarity to prokaryotic 2-hydroxychromene-2-carboxylate isomerases (Robinson et al., 2004).
As we can see in Figure 2 and Supplementary Table SII, there are at least 17 GST genes in common carp which have undergone gene duplication, including classes of MGST1, GSTK, GSTM, GSTA and GSTT.
The GSTK column is similar to Pindyck (1992) but quantitative comparisons are not possible because the variables used are different.
LM was 138.1, 132.1, 41.5, 141.4, and 43.53 in the cases of GLED, GSTK, GCON, GINT, and GPRI, respectively.