GSVAGreater Seattle Vietnam Association (est. 1993; Seattle, WA)
GSVAGijs Scholten Van Aschat (actor)
GSVAGereformeerde Studenten Vereniging te Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
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The activity scores represent the median scores across four individual AhR gene set scores calculated using GSVA.
GSVA: gene set variation analysis for microarray and RNA-sSeq data.
aACoeThe composition of GSVA signifies a structural transformation towards services sector, a sign of developing and mature economy.
Through Gene Set Variation Analysis (GSVA) of these functional genes, we obtained biological roles of MEGF10.
To verify the conjecture that MEGF10, as a prognostic factor, plays a potential role in glioma tumorigenesis, Kaplan-Meier survival analysis, univariate and multivariate Cox regression analyses, and GSVA analysis are performed.
The 15th Finance Commission observed: State Government needs to take steps to facilitate structural transformation of the economy as in 2018-19, the primary sector contributed 44% to GSVA (current prices) of the State, making it largest among the 3 sectors of the economy (primary, secondary & tertiary).
Share of secondary sector in GSVA (current prices)of Telangana is lowest amongst all southern states.
Out of the 32 States and Union Territories (UTs), in 15 states and UTs, the Services Sector is the dominant sector, contributing more than half of the Gross State Value Added (GSVA).
However, there is wide variation in terms of share and growth of services GSVA. Out of the 32 States and UTs for which data are available for 2016-17 (or latest year for which data are available), in terms of services GSVA share, Delhi and Chandigarh are at the top with over 80 per cent share, while Sikkim is at the bottom with 31.7 per cent share.