GSVPGruppo Speleologico Valli Pinerolesi (Italian: Valli Pinerolesi Speleological Group)
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The GSVP consisted of a cross-sectional population-based household survey, which was conducted in 2007.
The Ethics Committee of the Mozambique Ministry of Health approved the protocol of the GSVP study.
The GSVP study was conducted in 2007; should such a survey be conducted today in the same setting, the percentage of women who have never practiced LME might have increased and different groups of women (ever versus never having practiced it) could be compared.
Fully 44 percent of the best-in-class cite "fear of supply chain disruptions" as a top pressure forcing them to initiate or implement a GSVP program.
the business priorities that they hope to address through the GSVP initiatives.
This can quickly provide benefits, since the effort to enable suppliers in an electronic collaboration process can be leveraged for other GSVP initiatives.
Any GSVP process must be repeatable year-over-year and should proceed along three dimensions: breadth, depth, and time.
Progressively incorporate more suppliers into the GSVP program.
The best-in-class organizations identified in our study prove convincingly that GSVP can yield a huge competitive edge.