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Without these data, researchers must estimate the number of non-fatal GSWs in SA.
EEG (Table 1): EEG revealed normal background activity with 4-6 Hz generalized spike and wave (GSW) and polyspike and wave (PSW) discharges (Figure 1).
GSWs to the torso increased by over 300%, and vascular trauma by 340 new cases per year, in that period.
PO3 Oliebeth Viernes, 55th SAC-Six GSWs in the head and thorax
The mechanisms of injury for all joints were MVCs (46%), GSWs (31%), falls (19%), MCAs (13%), and stab wounds (7%).
In the top panel of Figures 8A-C, visible conditions include GSWs, diarrhea, ear defects, eye defects, gastrointestinal disorders, hernias, and musculoskeletal problems.
GSWs. H again makes the implicit assumption that DGU-linked
During June 1992-May 1994, a total of 959 BB and pellet GSWs among children and teen-agers were reported through NEISS.
(*) A 16-year-old boy sustained a severe midbrain injury from a self-inflicted combination BB/pellet gun GSW through the roof of his mouth.
The ulnar, sciatic, median, and radial nerves, along with the lumbosacral plexus were most commonly injured as a result of GSWs, the brachial plexus as a result of MVAs, and the facial and accessory nerves secondary to iatrogenic causes, specifically complications of tumor-excision surgery (Figure 4).
(1) Muckart was the first to report on the application of SNOM to abdominal gunshot wounds (GSWs).
Since 1927, physicians in Massachusetts have been required to report to law enforcement authorities all gunshot wounds (GSWs) and all violence-related sharp instrument wounds (SIWs).* GSWs are defined as 'all injuries resulting from, or caused by, the discharge of a gun, pistol, BB gun, or other air rifle or firearm." Violence-related SIWs are defined as nonself-inflicted "wounds or injuries caused by a knife or sharp or pointed instrument if, in the physician's judgment, a criminal act was involved." Although the statute requires reporting by all physicians, WRISS is a voluntary reporting system that has been implemented only in hospital-based emergency departments.