GSoDGreen Screen of Death (Microsoft XBox)
GSoDGrand Slam of Darts (tournament)
GSoDGlobal Summary of the Day (NOAA)
GSoDGray Screen of Death (Apple)
GSoDGood Sense of Direction (spatial orientation analysis)
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GSoD's subtitle is Exploring Democracy's Resilience, which represents its long and patient 40-plus-year perspective.
Hoekstra later confirmed that the GSOD was for preview participants only.
[14] The website makes it possible to analyse the time trends for CRU data for any grid cell in SA, and Hothaps-Soft analysis makes it possible to study time trends and other descriptive analysis for any weather station in the GSOD system.
The ISD data are the hourly observations from which the NCDC GSOD values are derived.
bu dang jo bo'i lugs la/ rang gi rtsa ba'i ma nas bsgom/ rig dzin 'jigs med gling gi dgongs pa ltar na/ bsha' lug la sogs pa sems can gsod du nye ba'am nad pa dang sdug bsngal can zhig la dmigs nas rang ngam rang gi ma rgan gyi 'du shes bzhag nas bsgom pa yin/ gang ltar bsgom kyang chog la/
We downloaded GSOD (global summary of day) measurements of daily maximum, mean (of maximum and minimum), and dew point temperatures (degrees Fahrenheit) for the Salt Lake City International Airport (one site) from the Climate Database server on the Utah Climate Center website (Utah State University 2012) and converted them to degrees Celsius.
National Climatic Data Center [NCDC, now known as National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)] Global Surface Summary of the Day (GSOD) database were used to define the occurrence of precipitation (i.e., the occurrence of either rain, hail, or snow), rather than the daily precipitation amount because of the large fraction of missing data for the latter in China.
a al y gSOD'S Crime DANIEL Mireles, of Texas, stole $250,000 (PS165,000) from a fund collected for crime victims.