GSoDGreen Screen of Death (Microsoft XBox)
GSoDGrand Slam of Darts (tournament)
GSoDGlobal Summary of the Day (NOAA)
GSoDGray Screen of Death (Apple)
GSoDGood Sense of Direction (spatial orientation analysis)
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The ISD data are the hourly observations from which the NCDC GSOD values are derived.
To evaluate the MERRA air temperatures, we compared the MERRA daily Tave, Tmin, and Tmax temperatures with the corresponding values taken from NCDC GSOD files.
bu dang jo bo'i lugs la/ rang gi rtsa ba'i ma nas bsgom/ rig dzin 'jigs med gling gi dgongs pa ltar na/ bsha' lug la sogs pa sems can gsod du nye ba'am nad pa dang sdug bsngal can zhig la dmigs nas rang ngam rang gi ma rgan gyi 'du shes bzhag nas bsgom pa yin/ gang ltar bsgom kyang chog la/
khong tsho'i snang ba la gsod ba'i nyes pa chen po de mi brtsi bar/ phran tshegs byin pa la phan yon chen po 'ong du re bas khong rang tsho'i nyes pa 'dag pa dang/ sems can de nged chos lcags thag 'then 'then byas chog pa lta bu'i re ba chen po zhig bdag ste ga nas yod/ .
Delivery of GSOD protective suits, flame-retardant, for the Federal Police.
Contract notice: Supply of 1 524 pieces GSOD - safety helmets for safety executive .