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GTAPGlobal Trade Analysis Project
GTAPGannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (China)
GTAPGlobal Trade, Assistance, and Production (Purdue University; Indiana)
GTAPGlobal Talent Acceleration Program (Cisco)
GTAPGlobal Technical Assistance Program
GTAPGlobal Trade Analysis Programme (database; trade statistics)
GTAPGraduate Technical Assistance Program (Arizona State University)
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Given the significant progress of initiatives like the World Input Output Database, GTAP, and OECD-WTO, one would think that this is a surmountable obstacle.
Note that there is a convention in the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) model: namely, that original levels of prices for commodities are assumed to equal 1.
(16) In terms of technology, for example, in addition to the EViews, the provision of commonly used fundamental econometric research tools such as MICROFIT, SAS and GTAP, as well as referencing software like End Note may be helpful.
Like all general equilibrium models, the GTAP model is homogeneous of degree zero.
Our focus is on Morocco and Turkey as case studies, where we use the GTAP model to investigate trade liberalization scenarios' welfare impacts under climate change.
This database, which uses the Computable General Equilibrium Model to analyze international trade (e.g., GTAP), presents equivalent tariffs at a very disaggregated level (HS6) for 2001 and 2004.
(Eds) (2012), Global Trade, Assistance, and Production: The GTAP 8 Data Base, Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University.
(2004), quienes estimaron unas elasticidades muy altas para estos parametros, en promedio es de 7, lo cual es bastante grande si se compara con las antiguas estimaciones utilizadas por el modelo GTAP, que se encuentra alrededor de 5,3.
The CGE involves two types of parameters: one mainly includes all kinds of elasticities of the model, which is determined from literature review and data exogenesis, mainly cited from the research results of Zhai and Hertel [17] and Dirk [18] as well as the data of China in the GTAP model; the other type is calibrated by the data of former type and SAM.