GTATGrade Ten Assessment Test
GTATGeneral Tourism Aptitude Test
GTATGrand Theft Auto Tournament (gaming)
GTATGlobal Threat Assessment Team
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References in periodicals archive ? will liquidate these excess assets in an effort to support the ongoing business of GTAT. This huge global online auction will feature a large quantity of diamond wire saws, rotary surface grinders, CMM's, 900+ Helium Compressors, 300,000 kg of Sapphire Melt Stock, CNC machines and much more.
However, months before the iPhone 6 was launched, GTAT filed
Gtat said: "I tell Gaddafi to leave the people alone to enjoy their life in new Libya.
During the second fiscal quarter results of the company, GTAT discussed about the 1.4 million-square-foot Arizona plant.
25 August 2011 - US polysilicon production technology provider GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ: GTAT) announced the acquisition of privately-held Confluence Solar, a manufacturer of single crystal silicon substrates for the solar photovoltaic industry, for USD60m (EUR41.6m) in cash.
The group includes the Libyan national side's goalkeeper Juma Gtat and the coach of Tripoli's top club al-Ahly, Adel bin Issa, the Telegraph reports.
Apple only needs to settle the prepayment for GTAT for the company to start manufacturing.
The venture is a significant step for GTAT, which filed for bankruptcy in 2014 after its ill-fated attempt to manufacture sapphire for use in screens of Apple's iPhone led to its 2014 bankruptcy.
The deal led GTAT, then a publicly traded company, to file bankruptcy in October 2014.
companies that were supplying equipment to solar cell manufacturers, like GTAT, whose innovative technology also contributed to the manufacture of more efficient and inexpensive solar cells.
District Court judge in Concord has refused to dismiss shareholders' class action lawsuit against tech giant Apple and the former executives and board members of GT Advanced Technologies, though underwriters of GTAT stock offerings have settled with them.