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GTFCGrimsby Town Football Club (UK)
GTFCGhana Trade Fair Company (formerly Ghana Trade Fair Authority; Minsitry of Trade & Industry; Ghana)
GTFCGreen Tree Financial Corporation
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GTFB and GTFC were detected using a rabbit anti-GTF antibody [17], as well as swine anti-rabbit immunoglobulin conjugated with alkaline phosphatase (Dako, Glostrup, Denmark).
Clones containing a full-length sequence were sequenced in both directions with universal M13 primer, as well as gtfB and gtfC primers (Table 2).
In addition, western blot analysis of cell-associated GTFs of these strains with a smooth appearance revealed only a single band between the position of corresponding GTFB and GTFC (Figure 2(b)).
Figure 3 shows the regions of recombination of gtfB and gtfC in RRA1, SP2, NN2051, NN2143, and NN2147.
In the present study, the addition of rRecA protein increased the frequency of spontaneous recombination of gtfB and gtfC. Furthermore, the morphological appearance of those strains was altered to smooth and their GTF activities were reduced.
mutans promoted in vivo recombination of gtfB and gtfC, and that this recombination was independent of the recA gene, while gtfBC recombinants had similar sites of recombination.
We speculated that fusion between gtfB and gtfC may occur under an acidic condition, since recA gene expression was shown to be elevated at acidic pH levels [11].
Protein sequences for gtfC (BAA26102), gtfB (BAA26105), brpA (NP_720858) and spaP (NP_721042) were downloaded from NCBI database.
The binding pockets and active sites of selected structures (brpA, gtfB, gtfC and spaP) were identified by using POCKET finder programme (
The expression profile of gtfB, gtfC, gtfD, ftf, relA, spa P, vic R, smuO160 and gbpB in S.
Docking studies of 2-isopropyl-5-methyl-phenol compound with selected structures indicate that this compound was able to dock with best 62.82 GOLD score in binding sites of N-terminal region of gtfC (Fig.