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McAllister said the union will continue to work toward paid sick leave for GTFs. The university has refused to grant such a request on the grounds that graduate students are first and foremost students - and because the university doesn't want to extend benefits to 5,500 other part-time instructors who are not under the GTFF umbrella.
Everything I have read has failed to mention that GTFs receive full remission of tuition, health-care benefits and, additionally, a modest stipend depending on the department.
Now, one by one, objecting faculty members are being removed as instructors of record for classes that they teach with graduate teaching fellows or classes taught by GTFs that the department supervises, faculty say.
Out of the other side of its mouth, the university says that the 30 percent of teaching hours provided by GTFs is comparable to that of other faculty on campus.
We all want undergraduates who are taking courses affected by the strike (because GTFs are teaching or assisting in them) to be treated justly and in a fashion that does not disrupt their educations.
On Friday, the university reported that 9 percent of GTFs failed to show up for classes - but that doesn't count the classes that were canceled in advance.
GTFs have enough trouble keeping their heads above water, given the financial and time demands required by their dual roles as teachers and students.
I'm a graduate student at the University of Oregon but not a graduate teaching fellow, and I support the GTFs who are on strike.
"The university has already paid more in legal fees than it would cost to give the GTFs what they want," Birch said.