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Nine N6AMT1 haplotypes were inferred from rs1997605, rs2205449, rs2705671, and rs1048546: a) AATG, b) AAGG, c) ATTG, d) ATTT, e) GAGT, f) GTTG, g) GTTT, h) GTGG, and i) GTGG; of which only haplotypes 1, 3, and 9 were common enough (36%, 16%, and 42%, respectively, Table 2) for analyses.
In this system, forward primer contains CACC which provides directionally cloning of PCR product into pENTR(tm)/D-TOPO vector which has GTGG overhang.
Object of DNA code (they are all in 5'-3' direction from code left to right) Initiator [I.subv.1] = GCAG sequence Spacer [X.sub.0] = TCGG, [X.sub.1] = CGCA, [X.sub.2] = sequence TCAT, [X.sub.3] = GTGG, [X.sub.4] = TCTT, [X.sub.5] = TGCA, [X.sub.6] = TGGA, [X.sub.7] = CGTA Terminator [I.sub.2] = AACC sequence Atomic [p.sub.1] = CCGC, [q.sub.1] = ATCC, [p.sub.2] = proposition CAAA, [q.sub.2] = GGGA, [p.sub.3] = TTAC, [q.sub.3] = ATAT [m.sub.1] = [p.sub.1] [conjunction] [p.sub.3] = GTGA, [m.sub.2] = [q.sub.1] [conjunction] [p.sub.3] = GACC, [m.sub.3] = [p.sub.2] [conjunction] [q.sub.3] = AACG, [m.sub.4] = [q.sub.2] [conjunction] [q.sub.3] = GACG TABLE 19: Checking for [[psi].sub.4]: the encoding of FSA [A.sub.4] of formula, where sto() means WC.