GTIAGeorge's Television Interface Adapter (Atari 8-bit computer custom chip)
GTIAGraphic Television Interface Adapter
GTIAGroupement Tactique Inter Armées (French)
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The GTIA 3 commander, for example, commented that the roughly 30-year old VABs and AMX-10RCs were "breathing their last" and that their "performance reached a level that was at times preoccupying and makes their replacement indispensable for continuing to conduct engagements at this level of difficulty." (18) The problem, however, appears to have been the vehicles' age, not their level of sophistication, as has been confirmed by recent reports.
For example, the commander of GTIA 3 in Mali boasted that his battalion, during 6 weeks of operations, remained almost entirely "in the zone of operations, near or in contact with the enemy, without returning to base, without technical pauses, and without conducting repairs." He continued, "Each vehicle traveled 2,500 to 5,000 km" off-road and on difficult terrain.
Published French army doctrine defines GTIAs and SGTIAs as task-organized combined arms forces designed to operate autonomously and independently according to their commanders' intent; the objective is decentralized and distributed operations in keeping with maneuverist doctrine and mission command.
SGTIAs and GTIAs have the same structure but are different in terms of scale.
The exact composition of GTIAs and SGTIAs varies according to mission requirements and the resources at hand.
The French in 2015 revived its divisions, but operationally speaking, there is little change, and what really matters now as in 2013 are the French army's task-organized and scalable battalion- and company-level task forces, GTIAs and SGTIAs.