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The merger of GTLi and Am Trans establishes the Fusion Transport network, a cost-competitive, high-performance partner to move retail, grocery and volume LTL freight.
There are significant advantages clients can reap by reviewing how the GTLI promise is delivered during the working years.
Innovative ways of providing life insurance protection can be provided for rates approximating GTLI, but with a valuable cash enhancement option that generate very high internal rates of return on any incremental difference.
Premiums for traditional GTLI are fully tax deductible for employees of regular C corporations.
Analysis shows the deal being offered is that younger employees can buy GTLI (generally specified as a multiple of pay) in large amounts for somewhat less than the government's current imputed income for the coverage.
The new approach to providing GTLI protection is the group carve out approach, either for executives only or for all employees, where the amount of coverage above $50,000 is delivered in a new, better, and different way.
The internal rate of return on the cash value generated by any modest incremental cost differential over traditional free GTLI coverage is very attractive as a benefit enhancement.
The employer's cost for GTLI is the actual group life premium billed, less any employee contributions.