GTLSGaseous Tritium Light Source(s)
GTLSGeneral Trading and Logistic Services (est. 1997; Germany)
GTLSGlobal Tech Leaders Symposium
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* With a rating of Outperform, Credit Suisse initiated coverage on Chart Industries Inc (NASDAQ: GTLS).
gas-to-liquids ("GTL") production, and the country is home to
But if that option is foreclosed, other alternatives will be considered including "gas to liquids," or GTL. An analysis of the relative values for gas shipping in a pipeline or made into GTL products, seen in the chart (page 131), questions that assumption.
The Qatar Shell Research & Technology Centre (QSRTC) held a GTL Jet Fuel Forum to share the outcome and data of a world-class research programme conducted by the GTL Jet Fuel Consortium.
With a highly supportive leadership, a stable operating environment, abundant natural resources and a commitment to developing human talent, Qatar is an undisputed world hub for energy innovation -- and the journey of GTLs from concept through commercial viability to global acceptance is a uniquely Qatari success story.
With the expansion of the 140,000 bpd Pearl GTL facility due to be completed during 2013, Qatar is set to cement its position as the world's largest producer of GTLs (alongside its status as the world's largest LNG exporter).
Germinability (G), represented by the percentage of germination in the experimental conditions (Labouriau 1983), mean germination time (MGT) ([bar.t], Labouriau 1970), germination time to 50% germination (GT50), germination time of the first germinated seed (GTFS), germination time of the last germinated seed (GTLS), coefficient of variation of the germination time (CvGT) ([Cv.sub.t], Ranal & Santana 2006), mean germination rate (MGR) ([bar.v], Labouriau 1970), uncertainty of germination (UG) (U, Labouriau & valadares 1976) and synchronization index of germination (ZG) (Z, Ranal & Santana 2006 adapted from Primack 1980) were used to describe the germination process.
Dubai, 14 September 2010 : The Green Aviation Logistics Group ME, in association with the Foreign Investment Office, an agency of the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), will host the first Green Transportation and Logistics Summit (GTLS) aimed at providing a platform for thought-leaders in the Green Logistics Supply Chain to meet and brainstorm.
Summary: The Green Aviation Logistics Group ME will host the first Green Transportation and Logistics Summit (GTLS).