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Among both extracts, GTNE 50 mg and 75 mg concentrations showed good activity as compared to the correspondingly same doses of NNE (50 mg and 75 mg) as shown in Table 3.
Table 4: Effect of GTNE, NNE and different phytoconstituents against Bacillus subtillus.
The results showed that GTNE is more effective as compared to NNE.
Table 7; shows that GTNE, NNE and different phytoconstituents showed inhibitory effect against A.
GTNE, NNE and different phyto-constituents showed inhibitory effect against C.
Table: 5: Effect of GTNE, NNE and different phytoconstituents against E.
The results from present study have highlighted the scientific basis for traditional use of GTNE in the treatment of some ailments.
It is concluded that both GTNE and NNE have antibacterial and antifungal effects to explore their medicinal role.
Investigation must also be carried out to determine the possible toxicities of GTNE as determined in case of NNE, that allow use of neem in fair quanty without app-aren't hazardous consequences.28
An extensive research and developmental work should be under-taken on GTNE for its better economic and therapeutic utilization.
Table 7: Effect of GTNE, NNE and different phytoconsituents with 50 and 75 mg dose against Aspergillusniger.