GTORGolay-Coded Teletype Over Radio
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OFFERINGS TO THE DIRECTIONAL DEITIES (PHYOGS SKYONG MCHOD PA): Appeasement to the directional guardians; and offering of Gtor mas as offerings unlike the earlier part that involves mild exorcism.
And even in non-Buddhist Germany one would prefer to have the Seven Offering Bowls (ting phor or chu gtor) in front of the silken Cakrasamvara image filled with holy water, which, thus I have heard, was avoided for security reasons.
He also presented to the king the text of The Cloud of Jewels Sutra (The Ratnamegha sutra), The White Lotus Sutra (Dam chos Pad ma dkar po), mantra of Gtsug gtor dri med and a gemstone nor bu ke ru sent by the Indian king.