GTPSGiga Transfers per Second
GTPSGet That Paper Son
GTPSGovernment Telephone Preference Scheme (British system for limiting outgoing calls from landlines if the network is overloaded during an emergency)
GTPSGene Trek in Prokaryote Space (National Institute of Genetics; Japan)
GTPSGreater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome
GTPSgo together pay separate
GTPSGigatransfers Per Second
GTPSGroupe de Travail de Pyrotechnie (French: Pyrotechnical Working Group)
GTPSGhorasal Thermal Power Station
GTPSGlobal Transfer Pricing Service (accounting and auditing)
GTPSGraham Taylor Photography Services
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Almost 82 per cent of the total energy consumption under standby mode was contributed by GTPS Faisalabad (Genco III).
Indeed, GTPS comprised patients' substantial proportion referred from primary health care in order to evaluate CLBP.
After one week of acclimation, all of the animals were randomly divided into four groups (CON, CON + GTPs, HFD, and HFD + GTPs).
He will report to Pascal Auge, head of GTPS and will be supported by SocGen's international network.
To explore the mechanism of action of green tea from a holistic perspective, the network pharmacology method was employed to investigate the molecular behavior of GTPs. We collected all available target information for fifteen GTPs through literature mining and computational chemistry (3D similarity search and reverse docking) to construct a network of the "drug-target-pathway-disease" interactions (Figure 2).
Preparation of Glycerol-Plasticized Thermoplastic Pea Starch (GTPS) and BHF-Plasticized Thermoplastic Pea Starch (BTPS)
The researchers noted that after 15 months, a much greater majority of patients who treated their GTPS with home exercise programs or low-energy shock-wave treatments found relief than those who continued to get the injections only.
These are among the instances of tightening regulations listed in A Meeting of Minds - Resolving Transfer Pricing Controversies, a publication from KPMG's GTPS practice focusing on transfer pricing controversy issues, strategies and resolution alternatives, and incorporating contributions from 39 authors from 22 countries.
Almost 82% of the total energy consumption under standby mode was contributed by GTPS Faisalabad (GENCO-III).